Safe Air Machines cleans large amounts of air
removing viruses and other airborne particles to produce truly clean safe air!


Safe Air Machines requires product registration and an active filter subscription. Product registration ensures that we can service your Safe Air Machines unit quickly. Filter subscription helps us make sure your Safe Air Machines unit is always performing at its best because filter changes are the best way to keep your Safe Air Machines unit at peak performance and efficiency. Filter subscription also saves you 10% on the filters.

Installation & Maintenance

We offer customized installation and maintenance options to best accommodate your situation and requirements. Safe Air Machines can be installed in rooms that have a pre-existing air conditioner or in rooms with or without an air conditioner. In fact, Safe Air Machines benefits your existing air conditioning system. Safe Air Machines thoroughly cleans all the air in the room so your existing air conditioner will require less maintenance. And Safe Air Machines provides cooling air circulation in rooms without air conditioning.
Safe Air Machines come in a variety of sizes. Each unit can be customized to fit any space and situation with regards to room size and number of occupants. Safe Air Machines units can roll easily on wheels, it can be stood up or installed to the ceiling to be out of reach of children. All Safe Air Machine units are pre-wired from the factory so no special wiring is required. All components are of the highest quality craftsmanship and construction, with extremely efficient high volume low decibel fans for superior airflow, and all components are UL listed.

Delivery Options

Safe Air Machines is made in the USA. We offer delivery, installation and maintenance options to best accommodate your situation and requirements. Contact us to discuss your air safety quality needs!


Safe Air Machines have a Limited Five-Year Warranty, detailed documentation and we offer maintenance services for routine inspections. Simply register your product within 60 days of purchase to be eligible.

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