Safe Air Machines by Ion Development

About Us

We are a hard-working R&D group since 2008. Two years ago, we designed and built a powerful air purifier machine for local work shops, because of all the dust that gets in the air inside work shops continuously, which can be harmful to the people working inside these very dusty/polluted places. Now with our powerful air purifier machine inside, these work shops maintain extremely clean “safe” breathable air for everyone. When the COVID-19 outbreak started, we began our mission to leverage our powerful air purifier to help protect schools and businesses from the airborne COVID-19 virus. After months of scientific researching on viruses, designing, prototyping, refining, sourcing, investing, testing and development, we have achieved our audacious goal of comfortably cleaning an entire classroom room in less than a minute, continuously with 99,97% efficiency. We named our truly unique machine the “Safe Air Machine” because that’s exactly what it does — the machine ensures safe air every minute by quickly by removing small airborne particles (including viruses, smoke, dust, etc.) from large volumes of air where people gather, such as inside business offices, medical offices, school classrooms, restaurants, ballrooms, cafeterias, libraries, churches, institutions, home residences, and so much more. Safe Air Machines include the very highest quality components, including certified True HEPA filters for the very best air quality results possible. We had two certified third-party laboratories run tests that prove Safe Air Machines can rapidly and continuously clean all the air in a large office. We also ran a smoke test showing how quickly a Safe Air Machine cleaned an entire office space. Currently there is no other portable machine in the world that can clean the air indoors as quickly, continuously and safely!
Safe Air Machines were completely conceived and home grown in Hawaii. All components are Made in the USA and of the the highest quality to guarantee people’s safety. Safe Air Machines have a patent pending and is engineered and manufactured in Hawaii and in California, USA.
We’re exploring every means of possible support, including federal and local grants and loans.